Introduction to Symbian OS Programming

Course Assignment

The following are two small projects completed during the intensive course on Symbian OS programming given by Tony Torp on 4-8 December 2006.

Both of the projects are rather simple applications demonstrating the usage of basic Symbian services (graphics, timers, dialogs, resources, sound, opengl, etc). The projects were developed using Carbide.c++ IDE and the EPOC emulator for Symbian Series 60 2nd Ed. FP3. They probably only run under this configuration. That is, they won't run on a real phone.

Project 1: Symbian "Hello World"

The point of the application is to render different images using the capabilities of CGraphicsContext. The user can select an image to be rendered via menus. As I've chosen some fractals for rendering, some of the screenshots look quite nice.

Project 2: "SyMaze: Flockhunter"

In this perhaps not-too-intelligent OpenGL-based 3D game you are supposed to run around a maze, follow flocks of birds flying above, and let the birds drop "magic droplets" on you. Catching 30 droplets is the only way to open the exit from the labyrinth and escape.

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