Personal Record
Name:         Konstantin Tretyakov
Location:     University of Tartu, Estonia
Affiliations: Bioinformatics Group,
              Institute of Computer Science,
              Software Technology and Competence Centre.
Occupation:   PhD Student, Researcher
Contact:      kt at ut dot ee
Mind scans:
* Machine Learning (Spring 2012) (Spring 2013) (Spring 2014)
                   (Spring 2015)
* Computer Graphics (Fall 2005) (Fall 2013)
* Advanced Algorithmics (Spring 2011)
* Bioinformatics (Fall 2010) (Fall 2011)
* Data Mining (Fall 2009)
* Introduction to Informatics (Spring 2009) (Fall 2009)
* Mathematics of Sound and Music (Spring 2007)
* Software Engineering (Fall 2006)
* Pattern Analysis (Fall 2006)
* Neural Networks (Spring 2005)
Stray Presentations
* 1-2.08.2014  - Introduction to Data Management     (AACIMP 2014 summer school)
* 24.06.2014   - Machine Learning with Python        (IFI Summer School 2014)
* 1-17.08.2013 - Elements of Robotics                (AACIMP 2013 summer school)
* 3-16.08.2012 - Introduction to Machine Learning    (AACIMP 2012 summer school)
* 27.04.2011   - Machine Learning                    (, in Russian)
* 04.12.2010   - Analysis of Gene Expression [1,2,3] (SpbSU SABA, in Russian)
* 2004--       - EIO Training Sessions               (in Estonian)
Publications, Theses & Reports
* Memory-efficient fast shortest path estimation in large social networks.
    Volodymyr Floreskul, Konstantin Tretyakov and Marlon Dumas.
    Proceedings of ICWSM 2014, Ann Arbor, USA. [bib] [pdf] [poster pdf]
* Summary of talks and papers at ISCB-Asia/SCCG 2012.
    Konstantin Tretyakov, Tatyana Goldberg, Victor X Jin and Paul Horton.
    BMC Genomics 2013, 14(Suppl 2):I1. doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-S2-I1 [bib] [pdf]
* Probabilistic file fingerprinting for big data.
    Konstantin Tretyakov, Sven Laur, Geert Smant, Jaak Vilo and Pjotr Prins.
    BMC Genomics 2013, 14(Suppl 2):S8. doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-S2-S8 [bib] [pdf]
* Fraud Detection: Methods of Analysis for Hypergraph Data.
    Anna Leontjeva, Konstantin Tretyakov, Jaak Vilo, and Taavi Tamkivi.
    Proceedings of IEEE/ACM CSOSN 2012, Istanbul, Turkey. [bib] [pdf]
* Fast fully dynamic landmark-based estimation of shortest path distances in
  very large graphs.
    Konstantin Tretyakov, Abel Armas-Cervantes, Luciano García-Bañuelos, Jaak Vilo,
    Marlon Dumas.
    Proceedings of CIKM 2011. doi:10.1145/2063576.2063834 [bib] [pdf]
* G=MAT: Linking Transcription Factor Expression and DNA Binding Data.
    Konstantin Tretyakov, Sven Laur, Jaak Vilo.
    PLoS ONE 6(1): e14559. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0014559 [bib] [pdf]
* Comprehensive transcriptome analysis of mouse embryonic
  stem cell adipogenesis unravels new processes of adipocyte development.
    Nathalie Billon, Raivo Kolde, Juri Reimand, Miguel C Monteiro, Meelis Kull, 
    Hedi Peterson, Konstantin Tretyakov, Priit Adler, Brigitte Wdziekonski,
    Jaak Vilo and Christian Dani.
    Genome Biology (2010), 11:R80 [bib] [pdf]
* An Evolutionary Model of DNA Substring Distribution. 
    Meelis Kull, Konstantin Tretyakov and Jaak Vilo.
    In Algorithms and Applications, 2010. Springer, LNCS vol. 6060. [bib] [pdf]
* G=MAT: Linking Transcription Factor Expression with DNA Binding. 
    Master's Thesis (2008). [bib] [pdf]
* Text mining for automatic annotation of microarray experiment clusters. 
    Aleksandr Tkachenko, Konstantin Tretjakov, Priit Adler and Jaak Vilo.
    8th International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems (2008).
* Example-Based Machine Translation of Short Phrases Using the 
  Context-Equivalence Principle.
    Tech.Report (2005).
* A Linear Model of Genetic Transcription Regulation that Combines Microarray 
  and Genome Sequence Data.
    Bachelor's Thesis (2005).
* Machine Learning Techniques in Spam Filtering.
    Tech.Report (2004). Published as a chapter in Combating Spam.
* Computer Graphics Learning Materials.
    Raimond-Hendrik Tunnel, M.Tech (2015) [pdf]
* Memory-Efficient Fast Shortest Path Distance Estimation in Large Graphs.
    Volodymyr Floreskul, M.Tech (2013)
* Adaptive Interactive Learning: a Novel Approach to Training 
  Brain-Computer Interface Systems.
    Ilya Kuzovkin, M.Tech (2013) [pdf]
* Fast Approximate Max-correlation Queries.
    Dmytro Fishman, M.Tech (2013) [pdf]
* Probabilistic Localization of a Soccer Robot.
    Priit Kallas, M.Tech (2013) [pdf]
* Procedural Tree Generation.
    Raimond-Hendrik Tunnel, B.Tech (2012) [pdf]
* Automatic Data-driven Generation of Database Schemas.
    Joel Edenberg, M.Tech (2012) [pdf]
* Predicting Paid Service Adoption in a Large Social Network.
    Dmitri Melnikov, M.Tech (2012)
* Shortest Path Approximation in Very Large Graphs.
    Abel Armas Cervantes, M.Tech (2011)
* Automatic Personalized Playlist Generation.
    Anastasia Semyonova, M.Tech (2011) [pdf]
* Automatic Musical Key Detection.
    Anna Alyanaki, M.Tech (2011) [pdf]
* Pattern Recognition for Non-invasive EEG-based BCI.
    Ilya Kuzovkin, B.Tech (2011) [pdf]
* Named Entity Recognition for the Estonian Language.
    Aleksandr Tkachenko, M.Tech (2010) [pdf]
* Statistical Analysis of Hypergraph Data with Application to Fraud Detection.
    Anna Leontyeva, M.Tech (2010)
* Detecting Influential Transcription Factors Using Linear Models.
    Nikita Shipilov, M.Tech (2010) [pdf]
* Managing Rapidly Changing Dimensions in Data Warehouses.
    Juta Vaks, B.Tech (2010) [pdf]
* Clustering Web Sessions Based on User Navigation. 
    Riivo Kikas, B.Tech (2009) [pdf]
* Music Genre Detection using the Naive Bayes Classifier.
    Anastasia Semyonova, B.Tech (2009) [pdf]
* Text Mining for Automatic Annotation of Microarray Experiment Clusters. 
    Alexandr Tkachenko, B.Tech (2008)
* Genetic Algorithm for the Improved Discovery of DNA Regulatory Elements. 
    Anton Stalnuhhin, B.Tech (2007) [pdf]
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* The Garage and other short projects with a webpage
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* The Homework
* Travel (in Russian)
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